Miss East Lothian Galaxy, Nicole, has started her own project to help those suffering from chronic illness, disability and mental health conditions!

Nicole, our Miss East Lothian Galaxy, has started her own project to help those suffering from chronic illness, disability, or mental health conditions!

‘My project is called ‘Send A Smile Care Packages’. I send care packages to anyone in the UK suffering with a chronic illness, disability or mental health condition. I myself have benefited from similar packages and they truly have brightened up my day.

As someone who suffers with various chronic illnesses I know how isolating and difficult it can be. Even something as simple as a thoughtful thing through the mail can truly help make a bad day into a better day.

I decided to use my role as Miss East Lothian Galaxy 2016/17 to start the project up, it gave me incentive as I am trying to use my title to help other people and as chronic illness is my platform for pageantry I feel this is the perfect project.

I set it up in December 2016 and already I’ve raised nearly ¬£200 in donations and sent out nearly 20 packages with plenty more to come. Over 70 people have applied for packages from all over England, Wales and Scotland. The packages contain generic items (cosy socks, pen, pencils, stickers, chocolates, sweets etc.) and they also contain items personalised to the person’s interests and avoiding their dislikes (e.g. someone that likes colouring may receive colouring pencils and a colouring book). I also make sure to avoid any allergies a person may have and if the person is unable to eat then I include other things instead of sweets and chocolate (e.g. a cute rubber; a battery operated tealight etc.)

To apply for a package all you have to do is send a message to www.facebook.com/sendasmilecare/ with:

Name, Age, Chronic illness/disability/mental health issue, Favourite colour/s, Interests/hobbies, Dislikes, Allergies, Special dietary requirements (i.e. can’t eat), Address’

What an incredibly thoughtful project, amazing work Nicole!