Miss Edinburgh Galaxy, Bella Normand, was recently a special guest at a StreetWalk meeting!

Miss Edinburgh Galaxy, Bella Normand, was recently a special guest at a SteetWalk meeting! Bella has been a loyal supporter of this charity for a while now and has dedicated lots of her time to helping the homeless on the streets of Edinburgh.

Here’s what Bella had to say about her appearance:

‘I joined a meeting at StreetWalk followed by a tour of the streets of Edinburgh through the eyes of the homeless. Firstly I think I should say that even the night Laura and I slept out on the streets to raise awareness of homelessness and the involvement I have had with Project Rucksack had not prepared me for today and I can’t thank them enough for this. We toured the shelter seeing first hand what they offer and the kindness the staff show and the classes offered in the use of computers and languages to increase the chances of getting a job and being self supporting. We listened and saw first hand the needle packs etc and were given details of how the staff go out to the streets at night offering these replacement needles, sterile water and boxes to dispose safely of the used needles – inevitably the number of homeless who are drug users is high. We walked to the areas of Edinburgh known for street prostitution and learnt of the practical help offered by the specialist team to young girls and men who are homeless. I saw for myself the crypts in the victorian graveyards favoured by the homeless for the small amount of shelter they offer and I learnt of the dangers of ‘legal highs’ being sold openly in shops in Edinburgh and the deaths they have already caused. Below is a photo of the health centre that opens its doors to anyone on the streets and treats the homeless with respect and kindness, I visited another homeless shelter where there was a room and 3 meals a day offered to those lucky enough to be sent there and I saw for myself the council run houses above the Grassmarket where shelter is offered and dogs are allowed (incredibly important as, with no exceptions apparently, the homeless who own dogs will always put the animals welfare above their own).
Has today affected me – yes it has – of course it has made me even more determined to continue trying to help in any way I can to raise awareness but also, when Christmas day comes in a few weeks and I go to church surrounded by a loving family with presents and a meal to follow, I have a feeling that for the first time my thoughts that morning will also be with those out on the streets just outside my window.’

What a great way to help the homeless just before Christmas, well done Bella!

Miss Edinburgh Galaxy, Bella Normand!