Miss Teen Galaxy England, Misha Grimes, was invited to judge a charity pageant!

Misha Grimes, our gorgeous Miss Teen Galaxy England, was a special guest at a charity pageant!

‘Fabulous day in pageant land courtesy of Kay Wookey & Jess’s fabulous ‘Paw Patrol pageant’ in aid of ‘Dean’s Journey’; an incredible new campaign run by the Solving kid’s cancer charity.

It was an honour to be invited to judge & meet so many little superstars (Miss Universe GB watch out as we definitely have some little pageant princesses in the making). It’s fair to say I made quite a few little friends and it was great to catch up with some familiar faces.

It truly was a fabulous day from start to finish and the care put into each and every part of the competition was so touching. I even managed to meet some of the Paw Patrol team!!!! (now not many 18-year-olds can say that can they.)

Don’t forget to check out Dean’s Journey at:

What a fab appearance, well done Misha!