Miss Teen Galaxy England, Misha Grimes, was a special guest at a charity fundraiser!

Misha Grimes, our gorgeous Miss Teen Galaxy England, was a special guest at a fundraiser in aid of The Whole Planet Foundation!

Here’s what Misha had to say about her appearance:

‘I partook in Wholefoods Spring fundraiser; painting the faces of lots of little kiddies in aid of The Whole Planet Foundation!

I was so excited to be invited by Wholefoods to play princess for the day as I was not trusted with the painting (art is not my strong point) but I had so much fun playing with all the little girls & boys as well as collecting donations for the WPF! All my little friends loved my sparkly crown and I definitely think I may have met some future pageant Queens & Kings.

The Whole Planet Foundation funds poverty drawn areas worldwide by empowering them with the knowledge to create their own business. https://www.wholeplanetfoundation.org

What a lovely appearance, great work Misha!