Miss Teen Galaxy England, Misha Grimes, was a special guest at a fundraiser in aid of the National Star Association!

Misha Grimes, our lovely Miss Teen Galaxy England, was invited to be a special guest at the Star College Fundraiser in aid of the National Star Association!

‘Now it seems we have a little crown thief on our hands; Elsa decided it was her turn to have some fun and she spent the day with all her little friends at the Star College fundraiser in aid of the National Star Association.

On a more serious note, I was so honoured to have been invited to attend this incredible day; with special guest DR Dawn Harper- well-known TV personality. In order to really make a difference I was determined to do something a little more out of the ordinary; hence Misha aka Elsa.

It’s fair to say I had all the little kiddies up and running around enjoying the sunshine & after tackling a few rather difficult questions such as why my magic frozen powers weren’t working, I truly had a fabulous afternoon whilst fundraising for an outstanding charity.

The National Star college enables people with disabilities to attend a school perfectly suited for their needs and ultimately realise their potential as equal and active citizens of our community.

Ps. Nia (aka my little Auna) I pinky promise you I will be back to read you a story from the magical frozen land very soon.’

What an amazing appearance, great work, Misha!