Miss Teen Greater Glasgow Galaxy, Chiara-Francesca, made a special visit to the Marie Curie Hospice in Glasgow!

Chiara-Francesca, made a special appearance at the Marie Curie Hospice in Glasgow!

Here’s what Chiara-Francesca had to say about her visit:

‘I will be working along side the nurses in raising funds within my school and looking at being a young ambassador if possible, also I have been asked to be part of the team to direct a Scotland based talent show. I have the Marie Curie staff along side me throughout it to raise funds for the charity together and will also be using my talent and I will be singing as well as a mentor for children who want to participate in the show I will be helping them so that they are ready to perform.’

What an incredible project to be a part of, well done Chiara-Francesca!

Marie Curie Hospice