Miss Teen West Yorkshire Galaxy, Atlanta McBride, helped host a swimming Fun Day!

Atlanta McBride, Miss Teen West Yorkshire Galaxy, recentley helped out at a Fun Day at her local swimming pool for a young boy named Cameron.

Here’s what Atlanta had to say about her day:

‘At this event it was a chance to have an amazing day and help Cameron enjoy himself! Cameron has had a lot of surgery lately and is hoping to have many fundraising events to buy himself a new wheelchair. Today was to help promote Cameron and have an amazing day to take some time away from all the serious on goings he is facing at the moment. Cameron’s family hired out a local swimming baths for a “fun day” for Cameron and we took on challenges that we don’t have to face everyday such as huge obstacle courses! I’ve had an amazing day and really enjoyed being out with Cameron! I hope for the best and to attend a few more days out for Cameron, thanks again for the invite!’

What a lovely appearance! We’re glad you enjoyed yourself Atlanta!