Ms Galaxy UK, Rubie Marie, has featured in The Sunday Times!

Our Ms Galaxy Rubie Marie, has recently appeared in The Sunday Times!

Here’s what Rubie had to say about her story:

‘I am a proud Ambassador for Karma Nirvana and we are making a difference towards forced marriages and honoured based abuse. But it’s still not enough.

There are criminal offences taking place across the UK as we speak to children young as 6 years old getting forced to marry.

Read my story as well as the other horrific stories (columns around my story) that are happening related to this topic. Get the national Sunday Times today.

I’m hoping to make a change and inspire by sharing an intimate personal snippet of my life (it’s not for the faint hearted).

You can help by donating via this link, please let me know if and when you do.
Every penny helps, please please please donate you can save lives from getting destroyed.

Let’s share this awareness and help to fight for freedom, everyone deserves to choose what they want for their own lives!’

We are so proud of you Rubie!

Ms Galaxy UK!