An Interview with Miss Teen Galaxy England – Saffron Corcoran!

Congratulations on becoming Miss Teen Galaxy England! How did you react when you were announced as the winner?

Thank you so much, it still doesn’t seem real! During the Top 2 moment, I was shaking and crying because it was a now or never situation, it was my last chance to have a national teen title. When Ella’s name was called, I nearly passed out!  did not expect it, which is why I couldn’t pull myself together and kept on crying throughout crowning and my first walk. I promise they were happy tears!


Who is your idol? Did anyone inspire you to start taking part in pageants?

I started pageants because I wanted to make friends, I didn’t have a great experience in school so I wanted a new chapter in life. I absolutely loved my first pageant and have never looked back. My idol is Olivia Culpo as she proved everyone wrong and showed you do not have to fit a stereotype to win.


What is the best advice you have ever been given that you would pass on to aspiring pageant queens?

“Don’t you dare give up, you can do this” If I wasn’t told this in the lead up to Galaxy, I would never of got on that stage. I doubted myself, even on the day I said I’m never going to win this. Before I went on stage, I took a moment to recite that to myself and just thought I am my own competition.


What’s your favourite thing about living in London?

My favourite thing would definitely be the food, as London is so diverse we have every cuisine you can think of. I can walk around and find pop up shops with different foods, I am always excited about what I’ll find when I go out. My current favourite is Pan Asian as the flavours are distinctive and so tasty.


You placed highest in every round at the UK final! How did you prepare for the competition?

I was very shocked when I found this out. I had never had pageant training before so I took up the opportunity and had a session with Rachael Tate to polish my walk and interview skills. I was very nervous but it was incredibly helpful. I also made sure I was at the gym regularly so I felt my best on stage.


What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is donuts, as I absolutely love them. Especially with sprinkles!


Do you have any beauty tips to share with our pageant girls?

Make sure you drink a litre of water a day, wash your hair with cold water and use coconut oil to moisturise your skin.


There are always a lot of controversial stereotypes when it comes to the pageant world, what would you say to pageant critics?

There are no stereotypes; pageants have come a long way. If there were, we would produce beauty queens with the same look every year, which isn’t the case. Everyone is accepted, it does not matter how tall you are, how skinny you are or where you are from. When you’re on that stage, everybody has the same opportunity. It’s just now you use that opportunity!


You are going to America this summer! What does it mean to you to be competing internationally?

When I started pageants, I remember Gabriella Gatehouse was Miss Teen Galaxy England and I said to myself, I want to be her one day. So for me to actually have this title and be able to represent England on the international Galaxy stage means that my work over the years has paid off and my dreams have come true. I am so honoured!


Congratulations on becoming Miss Teen Galaxy England, good luck for the international final in America!!

Thank you so much! 10 weeks to go!