UK Finals

The grand finals of Junior Miss, Mrs, Ms, Miss & Miss Teen Galaxy in the UK are a fun-filled event which will be taking place at The Park Hall Hotel, Lancashire, in 2021!

Many of our finalists have never done anything like this before – so, do not worry if you are new to the world of pageants! Our team will be with you every step of the way – to make sure that you know exactly what you are doing. Trust us, you will have a lot of fun when you compete with us and make lots of new friends! Galaxy Pageants are well-known for their friendly team – our aim is to make this an amazing experience for everyone involved!

If you are successful in making it through to the grand final, there is a sponsorship fee, which covers the cost of your place in the competition. The sponsorship fee is £350 and we send further information about how to find a sponsor to cover this fee for you.There are no text votes at any time with the Junior Miss, Mrs, Ms, Miss & Miss Teen Galaxy contests.

The age divisions for the competitions are:
Junior Miss Galaxy – 12-14 yrs (may be 11 for the UK final)
Miss Teen Galaxy – 15-18yrs
Miss Galaxy – 19-27yrs
Ms Galaxy – 28 + and must be unmarried
Mrs Galaxy – 18+ and must be legally married