USA Finals

The FIVE winners of Mrs Galaxy UK, Ms Galaxy UK, Miss Galaxy – UK, Miss Teen Galaxy – UK and Junior Miss Galaxy UK will be flown to Chicago to compete in the incredible Galaxy Pageants!

Contestants from all over the world will compete in this fantastic competition in a luxurious resort in America! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make friends, whilst having the chance to win the prestigious Galaxy titles! Since Team UK’s first visit to the international Galaxy Pageants in 2009, we have won FOURTEEN international crowns!

Competing in Mrs Galaxy, Ms Galaxy, Miss Galaxy, Miss Teen Galaxy & Junior Miss Galaxy, is a fun filled experience which involves many amazing activities such as; photoshoots, pyjama parties, interviews, and the chance to win the Mrs Galaxy, Ms Galaxy, Miss Galaxy, Miss Teen Galaxy, or Junior Miss Galaxy international crown!!!

Take a step closer to competing in the Galaxy Finals and ENTER  the UK Galaxy Pageants now!!

The age divisions for the competitions are:

Junior Miss Galaxy – 12-14 yrs (may be 11 for the UK final)

Miss Teen Galaxy – 15-18yrs

Miss Galaxy – 19-27yrs

Ms Galaxy – must be 28+ and unmarried

Mrs Galaxy – 18+ and must be legally married

To apply, please send us an email to [email protected] including the following:

a selection of photographs (these do not have to be professional!), your date of birth, your contact details – name, address, contact number

You can see from the photographs below how much fun being a Galaxy Girl is!!