Former UK Teen Galaxy Queens are taking the pageant world by storm!

Former Galaxy beauty queens – Gabriella Gatehouse, Robyn Ferguson and Victoria Tooby are taking the pageant world by storm!

The super talented trio competed in the 2011 Miss Teen Galaxy UK finals and all three took home a crown! Gabriella, Miss Teen Galaxy England 2011, Robyn, Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland 2011 and Victoria, Miss Teen Galaxy Wales 2011, competed at the international final of the Galaxy Pageants in Chicago and have been unstoppable ever since!

Robyn Ferguson was crowned Miss Intercontinental Scotland in the summer along with Victoria Tooby who was crowned Miss International -UK! Gabriella Gatehouse has just won the title of Miss Earth England!

All three girls will now travel to the international finals of their competitions! Robyn will travel to Jordan next month to compete in the grand final of Miss Intercontinental, Victoria is jetting off to Tokyo in November for the Miss International final and Gabriella is heading over to the Philippines for the grand final of Miss Earth!

These three former Galaxy beauties have done unbelievably well and we couldn’t be more proud of them!

We wish them all the best of luck in their finals, we know they’ll do the UK extremely proud!

Photographs are courtesy of Brian Hayes, Paul Carroll and Kevin Sandland.