The Grand Final of the International Galaxy Pageants in Orlando!

Team Galaxy UK – Junior Miss Galaxy UK – Sienna Demontis, Miss Teen Galaxy England – Misha Grimes, Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland – Kloe Gibson, Miss Teen Galaxy Wales – Onyx Uwandulu, Miss Galaxy England – Stefanie Williams, Miss Galaxy Scotland – Hayley Galloway, Miss Galaxy Wales – Lauren Parkinson, Mrs Galaxy UK – Tanya Collins & Ms Galaxy UK – Celena Wolfe, looked INCREDIBLE on the international Galaxy Pageants stage!

After an amazing weeks in Orlando, it was time for Team UK to get up on the international stage once again before the results of the grand final were announced! We are thrilled to announce that the girls did amazingly, we had placements in every division and brought an international crown back to the UK!


Junior Miss Galaxy – Sienna Demontis – 2nd Runner Up

Miss Teen Galaxy – 1st Runner Up – Onyx Uwandulu, winner – Misha Grimes

Miss Galaxy – 4th Runner Up – Lauren Parkinson, 2nd Runner Up – Stefanie Williams, 1st Runner Up – Hayley Galloway

Ms Galaxy – 1st Runner Up – Celena Wolfe

Mrs Galaxy – 1st Runner Up Tanya Collins


Photogenic – Stefanie Williams

Swimwear – Lauren Parkinson

Interview – Misha Grimes

Fashion Wear – Hayley Galloway, Celena Wolfe, Tanya Collins

What an incredible set of results! HUGE congratulations to all of our beautiful girls, we are so so proud of them!

We would also like so say a huge congratulations to our Junior Miss Galaxy – Halle-Blu, Mrs Galaxy – Sarah Pritchard and Ms Galaxy – Rubie Marie, for being such incredible UK & international queens!

Congratulations and best wishes to the new queens, including our very own Misha Grimes, your new Miss Teen Galaxy! We know they have a phenomenal year ahead!