Introducing the Ms Galaxy UK division!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that for the 2016 UK Galaxy Pageants, we will be introducing the Ms Galaxy UK division!

Due to all other divisions being such a success in the UK, we have decided to launch the Ms division in the UK starting from 2016!

This means that in 2016 we will be sending NINE girls to America!!

Ms contestants must be 30+ and must be unmarried. We were joined by the lovely Sydney Lipsey, Ms Galaxy, at the 2015 final of the Galaxy Pageants and we were so excited to announce the new division alongside Sydney and Maria Torres, Director of the international Galaxy Pageants, at our UK final!

We are so excited for this development in the UK Galaxy Pageant system, and can’t wait to meet our 2016 contestants already!

You can enter for the 2016 final NOW!