Jessica Watts, Miss Teen Galaxy Wales 2013, reflects on an incredible year!

2013 is almost over and I can honestly say this has been a very spectacular AND different year for me.  I doubt there will be another year that will ever come close to 2013.  There has been laughter and enjoyment all year, full of amazing experiences at every step of the way.

I never in a million years thought I would of be crowned Miss Teen Galaxy Wales 2013, as I stood on the stage face to face with the lovely Jeyanne.  As I was announced winner I literally, and when I say literally, I really mean it I did go weak at the knees and had to hold on to Jeyanne (1st Runner Up) for dear life!  All my dreams came true that very moment and my life seemed to change instantly.  My most memorable experiences and opportunities during 2013 started almost immediately watching Helen win Miss Teen Galaxy England 2013 the evening after I had won.  Helen and I have been good friends since I started competing in pageants and the thought of us both winning and going to America to compete internationally overwhelmed me so much so that when she won I really really cried.

The bond I now have with all the Galaxy winners has been one of the best prizes/experiences I have had since I won in March, I truly love them all – all for their individuality.  We are all really like one big family and this has made the whole experience totally more enjoyable.  Not only the Queenies, but Holly, Debbie and the whole Galaxy Team.

Our first official family outing was a weekend at Plas Colwyn.  An amazing time at the biggest house I’ve ever been in.  This is where we all got chance to get to know each other better and just have fun doing loads of team building activities.  Getting ourselves prepared, getting nervous but very excited for our once in a life time chance to compete internationally in Orlando.

One of the funniest moments at Plas Colwyn was when Melissa, Helen, Me and Debbie (Melissa’s Mom) got lost on our way to Go Ape.  We drove for about 30 minutes completely lost to end up in the middle of a field surrounded by sheep!  When we finally got to the Go Ape site we got to do our Tree Top Adventure.  All I can say is Holly certainly knows how to give you an adrenaline rush.  Someone had the great idea to go on the drop swing!  The most petrifying thing I have ever done in my life.  I will always remember Helens screams as it dropped.  Courtney and Jamie Lee’s laughter as they pulled the rope to release us to what felt like our death.  But we all lived to tell the tale!  

There have been so many great events to attend, people to meet along the way as my year as Miss Teen Galaxy Wales 2013 and I am truly thankful for the whole opportunity.  America the finals have to be the most life changing thing to have happen.  Travelling to America with all the Galaxy family, sharing with my sister Teenie Queenie Melissa and the lovely Douglas family, meeting people from around the world and making lifelong friends and generally having an amazing time during our week at Royal Caribe Resort, Orlando – I’ve never laughed so much. Being with the Galaxy family for the week made the whole week totally enjoyable, meeting Maria Torres, her team and her family – our extended Galaxy family – really there isn’t words to explain how great and life changing the week was.  I came away even more confident and very proud not only of myself but of every one of my sister queens too.

As the year comes swiftly to an end the opportunities never stop I have had so many things happen to me that would never have happened had it not of been for my Galaxy title.  Photo Shoots, Winning Awards, Presenting at Events, Judging at other Pageants, Weekends Away, Adventures, Life Long friendships and a totally memorable fantastic year.  No pageant I know can provide you with such an amazing experience which I’ve experienced with Galaxy.  I will cherish it for the rest of my life.

To all the girls competing or considering to enter – DO – good luck and make the most of everything you can because everything goes so quickly and you never know YOU may be the winner.  Never ever give up because If I had this time last year as I’d planned to I would never of won the title I hold now and would never of had the experiences and opportunities I have had to this day.

Follow your dreams – and remember your inner sparkle.

Have a very Merry Christmas & a Fantastic New Year.  See you in March.

Lots of Love

Jess Watts – Miss Teen Galaxy Wales