Meet the Team

UK Galaxy Pageants are brought to you by the Pageant Girl team!

Pageant Girl Ltd have many years of experience in the pageant and modelling industry. The aim for our competitions is for them to be fun and fair. We are a friendly and relaxed organisation; many of our contestants have never competed in a pageant before but we ensure they feel completely comfortable at the grand final.

Not all of the contestants can win the ultimate prize but our goal is to ensure that they all return home with great memories and new friends!

2020 UK Galaxy Pageants


Holly Pirrie (nee Ikin) is the director of the United Kingdom Galaxy Pageants. Holly is also the director of Miss International in the UK ( and founded  Miss Teen Great Britain ( and Miss & Teen Pageant Girl UK ( As a former contestant herself, Holly knows exactly what it is like to compete – having competed in pageants in the UK and internationally. Consequently, she knows exactly what it takes to organise a great event! Holly works closely with all of the contestants and winners to ensure that they have an amazing year.  Holly was the first UK director of Mrs, Ms, Junior, Miss & Miss Teen Galaxy and she is proud that it was one of the first American pageants to be brought to the UK! Holly’s passion for the industry is evident to everyone who meets her and this shows in the events that she organises!

Contestant Co-ordinator

Corinna has worked with the Pageant Girl team since  2012 and closely works with all of the contestants for the UK Galaxy Pageants; she co-ordinates all of the finalists before the event and is also at the grand finals to meet everyone and help with any questions they may have! Corinna also works with Miss International, Miss Intercontinental & World Supermodel UK and Miss Teen Great Britain! She is a firm favourite of the contestants and works closely with Hannah, our Social Media and PR Guru!

Social Media & PR

Hannah joined the Pageant Girl team in the summer of 2014  and works on all of the events that the team organise. Hannah is constantly updating the websites and social networking sites with all of our latest happenings! Hannah works closely with the regional and national press to keep them up to date with all of the latest news in the pageant world! Hannah is part of the ‘pageant dream team’ with Corinna and Holly and also attends the national finals of the UK Galaxy Pageants, Miss International, Miss Intercontinental & World Supermodel UK and Miss Teen Great Britain.

Pageant Dress Specialist

Katie is our resident expert on pageant dresses! Katie works with The Dress Studio and knows everything there is to know about finding the perfect pageant dress. Katie definitely has the patience of a saint and is more than happy to go through hundreds of different styles with you, until you find the perfect gown that makes you feel like a million dollars. Katie has assisted many pageant contestants in their dress selection, many of whom have gone on to win the crown!! Katie can help you with any questions or queries you may have! You can see more about The Dress Studio at

This is the core of the Pageant Girl team who help to bring the UK Galaxy Pageant finals together; at the finals weekend, there will always be a larger team who also help backstage, prepare the girls for interview and, to help with any queries that may arise! We are proud that the team are friendly and approachable, something which is often commented on in testimonials from former contestants!