Merry Christmas from Miss Galaxy England, Jennifer Mcsween!

Miss Galaxy England, Jen Mcsween, would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and share some of her favourite Galaxy moments with you!

‘Where do I start.. 2014 the year I have been crowned Miss Galaxy England and what an absolutely amazing year it has been! I have so many new memories and I have experienced things I never thought I would have the chance to do.

I first started doing pageants 3 years ago now, I started because I had very little confidence in myself, I was really shy I couldn’t even stand up to talk in front of my class without feeling embarrassed. From a young age I always looked up to the likes of Miss World and so due to having no confidence I felt I never had what it takes to compete in a pageant.

One day I just decided I would give it a go hoping it would help me gain some confidence so I entered Miss Teen Great Britain and I will admit I had one of the best weekends of my life, I met so many new girls and had an amazing experience. I didn’t expect a pageant to be as much fun as it was, although I didn’t even place it was one the best decisions I ever made because I discovered how much I loved pageants. I continued to compete in more pageants and went on to win some titles, I also decided to re enter Miss Teen Great Britain where I then came first runner up which proved my confidence had grown on stage and it was nice to see the judges and other people noticing this as well.

It’s now 2014, 3 years after I competed in my first pageant. At the start of the year I had my mum up the wall helping me plan my outfits and get prepared for ‘Miss Galaxy England’. It was the first time I had competed in the Galaxy pageants, I went into the competition just hoping to place as that would be a huge achievement to me, but to win, wow I couldn’t believe it and I am still in shock that I am the current ‘Miss Galaxy England’.

My year as Miss Galaxy England has been unforgettable, I have had so much fun. I have been up to all kinds this year with my Galaxy title from participating in charity work such as sponsored runs, walks, events and donating to all different charities trying to be a good role model. I have also attended and made appearances at events and travelled across the UK doing TV and modelling work.

Not only did I go to the amazing holiday home in Wales for a couple of days with the Galaxy girls in the summer where we had photoshoots, girly nights and went to tree top adventure park, I also went to Florida to compete in the international Galaxy pageants representing my home country which was the most amazing experience, the days consisted of photoshoots, pool days, white parties, interviews, shopping days, days at the theme park, we also had a pyjama party where team UK did a spice girls routine.. I honestly think that we should of at least placed in the talent competition haha, and finally we had the Galaxy international finals!!

Although I didn’t win the international title, I have gained the best pageant family with my team UK girls (who I am all so proud of) and I got to see what an international pageant was like and I loved it. It was a lot of hard work but I enjoyed every moment of it and it made 2014 unforgettable. I also want to thank Holly and the rest of the team for all the help and support they gave us, I don’t think we could of done it without them.

Only a few days of the year left.. Meaning time is ticking on my year with the crown which I really don’t want to give up 🙁 but it also means it’s closer to me getting to meet the next group of Galaxy girls which I cannot wait for!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I can’t wait to meet you all soon xxx

Last thing… Seeing Beth get herself stuck down the side of the bed while we were in Florida may be the highlight of the year HAHA sorry Beth… Call security!!!

Lots of love Miss Galaxy England, Jennifer Mcsween’

Merry Christmas Jen, thanks for being such a brilliant queen!