Merry Christmas from our Ms Galaxy, Rubie Marie!

Our gorgeous Ms Galaxy, Rubie Marie, would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

‘Competing for the first ever Ms Galaxy UK was very enjoyable. I got my title of Ms West Midlands in November 2015 so I was one of the last minute contestants to join in the Galaxy family.

I really enjoyed all my appearances as I had a variety of platforms to stand from. I have always been leaning towards the Honour based abuse and forced marriages stand as I feel with my life experiences I want to reach out to as many people as I can.

I made an amazing friend along my journey – Natalie Martin, who taught me a lot about pageantry as this was my first UK pageant. As you can imagine I asked a lot of questions but this was my way of learning about something I found easy to welcome into my life, the best of both in a way for me with modelling and charity work combined.

The competition came round so quickly and I enjoyed my day thoroughly. I kept on practising my posing and walking and I had so much fun. My outfits were easy to put together as I knew what colours and styles go well with my figure, which is key.

The night went fast!! I enjoyed the amazing atmosphere when I was on stage and I noticed that I knew absolutely no one but everyone was cheering for me. I never felt so ecstatic in my life, I felt everyone knew me. When it came to narrowing down the top 10 to top 5, I was having trouble with my breathing from excitement. It felt like a blur and all of a sudden there was two. Myself and my amazing Siobhan Brindley, an amazing lady that never lets anything get in her way whom I admire so much to this day. Soon the name that is not called out was the winner and I was left standing. My mind went blank I had to look for my partner William in the crowd as all I can hear was an Irish voice screaming for me. I had to take a few moments to absorb the feeling and I held my heart as it was beating so fast. It is definitely a moment I will never forget, a moment I will treasure. To be the first Ms Galaxy UK ever is such an honour, I’m so proud to make the UK Galaxy family proud.

The chapter from then on exploded! I went on to winning the international title which was mind blowing! I enjoyed the whole experience and even had a cry of happy tears. It took me about a month for it to sink in I had won the crown and i’m now Ms Galaxy 2017. The galaxy family have been such support that I don’t know what I’d do without them, each queen has been absolutely wonderful and we are like sisters.

Since holding the international title I have been featured a lot with media such as magazines, interviews, radios, and even tv and won an award for most inspirational international queen. With my platform of the forced marriages and honour based abuse I even had the chance to be on the home affairs committee and make a difference in any way possible. My anthology book is available worldwide and I’m having the opportunity to appear on talk shows.

Anything is possible!! Dream big think big, never stop believing in yourself.

This festive time is for being thankful for what we have and love. So i’m wishing you a a wonderful festive time, and thanking you all for your support.’

Ms Galaxy - Rubie Marie Ms Galaxy - Rubie Marie