Miss Galaxy, Bella Normand, had an amazing time judging the Midwest Galaxy Pageants!

After having a fabulous evening judging the Ireland Galaxy Pageants where three gorgeous queens were crowned, Bella jetted off to America the next day for the Midwest Galaxy Pageants!

Before heading over to Detroit to judge the finals, Bella spent a couple of days sight seeing and shopping in New York!

At the finals of the Midwest Galaxy Pageants, Bella was reunited with Miss Teen Galaxy, Mrs Galaxy, & Ms Galaxy!!

The queenies looked gorgeous and they were also joined by Maria Torres!

The girls had such an incredible time, huge congratulations to the new Midwest queens – Little Miss Midwest – Natalie Best, Miss Pre-teen Midwest – Hayle Allen-Green, Jr. Miss Midwest – Emily Zawodny , Miss Teen Midwest – Sydney Copeland, Miss Illinois – Brittany Moore, Miss Midwest – Whitneyshianne Smith, Miss Michigan – Sydney Smith, Ms. Midwest – Becca Elkins, Mrs. Midwest – Jackie Blankenship.

Congratulations girls, we can’t wait to see you in Orlando this summer!

Bella is now having an amazing time in California, what a little globe-trotter!

We hope you enjoy the rest of your trip, Bella!