Miss Northumberland Galaxy, Tiffany Brown, recently opened a new local store!

Tiffany Brown, Miss Northumberland Galaxy, recently opened a new local store – Premier Meats!

Tiffany was so honoured to be asked to take part and had such a great day meeting all of the lovely new customers!

Here’s what Tiffany had to say about her day!

‘Big thank you to Premier Meats for giving me the fantastic opportunity to open a new local store! Having already having stores in the North East they opened a new one in Blyth, Northumberland and I got involved in their big day! I opened the doors to the huge queues that awaited to see the new shop. I greeted everyone and thanked them all for coming! I then went around offering children sweets and everyone bacon sandwiches. I gave out flowers and champagne to the first customer that came through the new doors and the same to the first customer that purchased something. It was a great turnout!’

We’re glad you had such a great time Tiffany, well done!