Miss Teen Essex Galaxy, Victoria H, was invited to present the awards at a charity basketball game!

Victoria H, Miss Teen Essex Galaxy, was invited to present awards a the ‘Carry a Basketball Not a Blade’ basketball games!

Here’s what Victoria had to say about the event:

‘I presented the trophy to the “Carry A Basketball Not A Blade” project creator Anthony Okereafor. I recently attended a “Carry a basketball not a blade” project where the NASA basketball team played against Russian basket-ballers from Moscow “Dynamo”. This project was created about 7 years ago and helps young kids and teens get involved in the community and become active instead of join gang activities. I had so much fun watching the game and presenting the trophies and medals after. London Metropolitan police also played against the NASA basketball team but unfortunately lost. However they did get medals for their effort.’

What a lovely appearance Victoria, amazing work!

Miss Teen Essex Galaxy!