Miss Teen West Yorkshire Galaxy, Atlanta Mcbride, has been fundraising for a children’s cancer charity!

Altanta Mcbride, Miss Teen West Yorkshire Galaxy, has recently taken part in a two day event at her local T.K Maxx!
The event was to promote the revamp of their store and also to raise money for a children’s cancer charity! Here’s what Atlanta had to say about the event:
‘In the morning when the store opened I was handing out £10 gift cards with other associates to the first 200 customers, I also gave the children helium balloons with the T.K Maxx logo on them. I was involved in going around the store talking to customers showing them the new layout and taking them to the departments that had moved so they knew where to find what they were looking for, also asking if they needed a basket or trolley and just been on hand for any enquiries, it went over 2 days the first day was focused on gift cards and balloons and the second on children’s cancer awareness and that’s when I was giving out bags for customers to bring in their unwanted items and leaflets for gift aid as the government will give 25p to every pound made to the charity. ‘
Sounds like such a fantastic cause, Atlanta, well done!