Miss Teen West Yorkshire Galaxy, Atlanta McBride, has been making Christmas Shoe Box donations!

Atlanta McBride, Miss Teen West Yorkshire Galaxy, has been very busy over Christmas, Atlanta has been making shoe boxes for the Calderdale Rotary support group!

Here’s what Atlanta had to say about her appearance:

‘This is one of my favourite appearances. As Christmas is coming it’s hard for some households to afford everything for everyone, especially if you’re struggling with housing and support. For the past couple of years me and my mother have always donated shoe boxes to the Calderdale Rotary support group, they work hard to collect donations to give to women and children who have had changes in their households from money struggles to domestic violence. I and my mother used to rely on these generous donations. This organisation is very close to home and helped us overcome the domestic issues that had occurred. They held regular meetings to speak to us and support us as a family. Now they have helped us regain our stable lifestyle we support the cause as best we can! So this year we have collected essentials to donate in the Christmas shoe box appeal.’

Well done Atlanta, what a lovely way to help others over Christmas!