Mrs Galaxy UK, Kirsty, wishes you a sparkly Christmas!

Christmas Message from your Mrs Galaxy UK 2013

A very sparkly Christmas to you all from your Mrs Galaxy UK 2013! I have had THE most fantastic time since winning the Mrs Galaxy UK competition in March and am enjoying embracing every opportunity that has come my way – opportunities not usually afforded to a married mum of two in her mid-forties!

I’ve had such fun with my gorgeous Sister Queenies who I’ve got to know so well and I have relished the role of “Mumma Queen ”! America was an incredible experience – we’d all heard previous Queens say they’d had the time of their lives and we couldn’t wait to get there! The months running up to our departure were busy, busy, busy! We made lots of appearances , I set up an Empowered Ladies group for local women who run their own businesses working from home and I continued to support and raise funds for my charity of choice, Arthritis Research UK, all whilst continuing to manage my beauty business and be a good mum to my two children and a supportive wife to my husband.

I’ve got so many wonderful memories ……….. America!! We all really bonded here and sharing the villa with Helen, Courtney and Jaime-Lee was a blast! After initially worrying that I’d be cramping their style, I want to say a HUGE thank you to them for making me feel like I was 22 again!!!! I will NEVER forget that special week with my Villoomies!! Bran muffins for breakfast, Gangnam style dance moves, HRH The Queen face masks and “special circles”, the White Party, photoshoots, the Pyjama Diva Party…., the 7 of us Queenies had such fun together! The level of support I received from each and every one of them was touching. Part of my mission has been to try and encourage married women to in their 40s CAN still be vibrant and it feels amazing when women tell me that I’m an inspiration to them!

As I reflect on my year so far I truly feel blessed and would like to take this opportunity of saying THANK YOU to our wonderful director, Holly, and her team. Also, I’d like to thank my wonderful family whose never waivering support has been really appreciated! And to the very lucky lady who is crowned the next Mrs Galaxy UK – grab each and every single opportunity that comes your way and wear your crown with pride – you have the most wonderful year ahead of you!!

Kirsty xxx