Mrs Galaxy UK, Sarah Pritchard, & Miss Galaxy England, Zara Ramsay-Nortley, were invited to judge a beauty pageant!

Zara Ramsay-Nortley & Sarah Pritchard, Miss Galaxy England & Mrs Galaxy UK, were invited to judge the Miss Rainbow beauty pageant!

Here’s what Zara had to say about her lovely day:

‘Sarah and I were also invited to judge at the Miss Rainbow Beauty pageant on Sunday, in Wigan. It was organised (with help from their mums) by Siah Bajinka (age 8) and Leah-Rose Cunningham (age 3) to raise funds for the Rainbow Child Foundation. It was a lovely afternoon, and so nice to see the effort that the contestants put in to preparing, especially with their Easter bonnets!’

What a wonderful appearance, well done queenies!