Ms Greater Manchester Galaxy, Joan, was invited to the Hallowe’en Dinner at Grafton Centre!

Joan, who is the current Ms Greater Manchester Galaxy was invited to┬áinvited to the Hallowe’en Dinner at Grafton Centre.

Here is what Joan has to say about the dinner:

‘I was invited to the Hallowe’en Dinner at Grafton Centre in Hyde, Cheshire on 27th October, 2017.It’s a drop in centre with lots of activities for the mature person. My job was to say the Grace before the meal and to judge the fancy dress competition. The latter was cancelled as so few of the guests even dresses up. I was sat at the Mayoress table and it was a beautiful meal; I even won third prize in the raffle. The dining room was decorated beautifully for the event and the Mayoress quizzed me about my title and had 4 events to attend that day: I wished I had that many a week !
Great event and I wrote a lovely thank card for the Centre Manager Gaynor thanking her and Councillor Phil Fitzpatrick so much for inviting me.’

We are so glad you had a great time Joan!