Team Galaxy UK enjoy orientation, the opening number photoshoot and the pyjama diva party!

The UK Galaxy girls; Bethany Cammack (Miss Teen Galaxy England), Jennifer Mcsween (Miss Galaxy England), Caitlin Kinsella (Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland), Deone Robertson (Miss Galaxy Scotland), Daisy Whetlor (Miss Teen Galaxy Wales), Summer Ghanavati (Miss Galaxy Wales), Samantha Ratcliffe (Mrs Galaxy UK), Kirsty Fletcher (Mrs Galaxy Europe) and Rachael Tate (Miss Galaxy) have had an extremely busy yet exciting day in Orlando!

The girls enjoyed orientation in the morning where they got the chance to meet all of the other lovely contestants from all around the world and exchange goodies! The girls also got to meet last years international winners, this included a chance to catch up with Miss Galaxy 2013, our very own Rachael Tate!

Hannah Elliott, Junior Miss Galaxy UK doesn’t have her orientation until Friday so she has some more time to relax and explore the rest of Orlando before her preparation begins!

After orientation the girls started to prepare for the opening number photoshoot and the swimwear photoshoot in the afternoon, the girls all looked fantastic and had an amazing time!

After a very busy day the girls were given a chance to relax in the evening and really have some fun at the pyjama diva party! The girls had such a fun time at the party. They had to do a dance routine for the rest of the galaxy finalists based on their home country, and obviously, the girls based theirs on The Spice Girls!

Girls, you looked fantastic, we can’t wait to see what you get up to over the next few days!