Team UK relax by the pool!

The 2013 Galaxy Queens – Helen Macgregror (Miss Teen Galaxy England), Jaime-Lee Faulkner (Miss Galaxy England), Melissa Douglas (Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland), Courtney St John (Miss Galaxy Scotland), Jessica Watts (Miss Teen Galaxy Wales), Rachael Tate (Miss Galaxy Wales) and Kirsty Fletcher (Mrs Galaxy UK) all had chance to chill out and enjoy a day in Orlando before the Galaxy International Pageant officially begins! Some queens indulged in some retail therapy whilst the others relaxed and played by the pool! The sun is shining and Team UK are enjoying every second of their trip!

In the evening, Team UK headed to the ‘Bahama Breeze’ restaurant for some tasty food before they retired for their beauty sleep – not that they need it!!

The pageant officially begins on Wednesday July 31st and the girls will head to ‘Orientation’ – this is the first chance for all of the 2013 Galaxy Pageant finalists to meet each other!! ¬†We will post photos as soon as this happens – there is a small delay due to the time difference!